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6 Months

of Unlimited Yoga including AOK!'s

newest addition...Buti Yoga! 


YOGA://Deep Flow ​Practice will slow with a focus on a deep stretch for increase range of motion and a turn towards inner reflection.

YOGA://Restoration Experience this 45 minute class that will feel like a therapy session. We'll use foam rollers to condition the core and free your body of stress along with those knots then finish with a restorative stretch with a focus on relaxation. Do yourself a 30 minute favor!

Yobata://Redefined will do exactly that define using bands, yoga moves and tabata timers!

 Expires 6 month from first scheduled class. No freezing or extentions

AHHHHmazing Yoga@AOK!


YOGA://Deep Flow 


Fri-Yay Flow for Weekend Restoration

                      BUTI YOGA

Buti Yoga will be part of AOK!'s Yoga4Fitness Category. Be sure it's included in your package.

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30 Days of Unlimited Access $75 

Drop-in per class $20

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All of AOK!'s classes are suited for any fitness level. As specialists holding many hours of certification, we can accommodate the beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioner!

Mats are available but we suggest your own.

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Peace, Love & Yoga@AOK! 

BUTI YOGA  is a trademarked style of yoga that combines HIIT training (plyometrics), tribal dancing and dynamic yoga asanas into an intense workout. In Marathi, the language spoken in parts of western India, buti means "a secret remedy or cure.". Become part of our community of "Butisattvas"  as we empower each other to become rooted in our practice , free of judgement and only full of self-love.  Currently, we are determining our class offerings and times weekly so please Join our Buti Yoga AOK! Tribe for updates and info as they are released. AOK! Instructors, Kim Flaherty, Carrie Dedo & Katey Barile are excited to bring this class and welcome everyone regardless of level or experience. Be a part of the movement!! BUTI!!!!




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AOK! is a Group Fitness Studio 

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