AOK! is a Group Fitness Studio 

specializing in all types of GroupX Classes, Group Cycling, Barre, Zumba, POUND, TRX and YOGA both for Fitness & Practice.

Our Team includes 25 instructors & trainers!

Our community welcomes all fitness levels, teaches modifications & encourages cross-training for results!

9000 sq. feet & 4 studios to  accommodate our members...

 there's always a spot for you!





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On our main studio floor our TRX Units are wall mounted for an extra challenge that will rock your core!  ​

It's an intense challenge that

GETS Results! 

TRX Circuit Training


A Circuit or Stations

style class that rotates through equipment that includes TRX, RIPstix

Coreboards, Ropes, Equalizers & RIDE when in the title.​

TRX Yoga Flow

was conceived at AOK! by trainers, Kim Flaherty & Jen Hicks - 

and designed by John Flaherty exclusively for AOK!. it's the only studio that exists for Yoga practice on the TRX in OHIO. 

​​TRX Suspension Training 
includes TRX Circuit, TRX Yoga Flow &

TRX+Ride Classes

Monthly Unlimited Access 60
6 Months of Unlimited Access 299
6 Pack of Classes 60
Drop-in per class 15

Auto-Fit 12 (EFT Required for 12 months)
Auto-Fit 24 (EFT Required for 24 months)
Additional Class Categories can be added to your monthly Auto-Fit at a reduced rate - please contact us if you are interested in 2 or more of our Class categories to secure the best rate!

GPX & Cycling Classes are included in all of our Unlimited Pricing Packages with Unlimited Access  including AOK!'s  
Ultimate 36
365 Days of Fitness
100 Days of Fitness
75 Days of Fitness
50 Days of Fitness

View our Schedule with over 60 plus class choices weekly in this category.
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 Imagine a suspended high plank to low plank, warrior on one leg and a Yoga strap at a fixed, yet rotational point to increase the challenge while stabilizing your pose. It's a ying/yang constantly at work that will diversify your Yoga Practice. Visit our Class Schedule Page to add TRX to your week!