​Take the Challenge  & Win! 

 Might March Burpee Challenge

March 17th to April 5th

Mighty March Burpee Challenge. 
How many burpees can you do in 1 minute with good form (either modified or regular in class)and get noticed improving your personal best!

How to participate:
First show up to classes -lots of
them and try the challenge in class as directed by your instructor. 
Practicing at home is optional but AOK! Instructors will be searching for the client to nominate.

The client must exhibit in class: 
Correct Form
Encouragement towards others

Help our staff recognize you for participating with positivity and notice your exceptional efforts! 
They’ll be watching in every class for that person who embraces the challenge between March 17th and April 4th. Extra points for those who post in this group as you hit your goals and improve your personal best. We want to hear from you!

On April 4th, each instructor will submit & nominate a client they’ve had their eye on —
Ps that means 20 of you will see your names appear LIVE as we spin the wheel and award a prize package to the One Lucky Instructor and
The Instructor’s Burpee Candidate!

So you can try to bribe them I suppose or scream out for attention in class but they’ve all been sworn to secrecy until we announce the “Bestest Burpee’ers of the Bunch!”

Then it’s all up to the wheel - lots of chances to get noticed between now and April 4th...
I’ll have a live announcement this week of the shared prize package so stay tuned and start planning your strategy!

Set Your Goals
Fuel Your Workout
With Positive Energy!

You’ve Got This!.

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