Our community welcomes all fitness levels, teaches modifications & encourages cross-training for results!

9000 sq. feet & 3 studios to  accommodate our members...

 there's always a spot for you!





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Do you already own one of these Heart Rate Tracking Devices? ​If the answer is YES - Check to be sure it is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. If so, then you are all set to link to our RED ZONE system at AOK!

An educated client armed with all the info you need to make every workout ultra effective....

     that's always been our business at AOK! 


Now we are taking that directive to a whole new level and we're making it affordable. 

We're launching The Red Zone at AOK! 

We've partnered with FITMETRIX to give all our clients a new way to track workouts and monitor you intensity with accurate information in every class. That information using Heart Rate Monitors will be stored in our New Improved AOK! App to keep record of every workout both in and out of studio! 

Beginning in September our Main Studio and most of our Group Fitness, Dance Beatz Fitness and some Barre Classes as well as all Suspension Training Circuits will be Live in The Red Zone and on our Scoreboard!

We'll follow up in our Yoga Room and finally we'll equip our Cycling Studio with the technology that will move seamlessly throughout our studio for every class you take!  That's a win for you at AOK!

Our trainers will design workouts and create challenges that'll turn your calories burned into rewards that will equal real results!

It's a Game  Changer you'll love at a fraction of the cost of our competitors! Right now thru August 31st, get your Heart Rate Tracker on Pre-order at a discounted rate! 

You'll be ready to play at AOK! when we go live in September! Order yours today! 


Note to all who are hesitant to track Heart Rate Info because your class activity stats can be posted on our Live Scoreboard during classes...IT'S OPTIONAL!!

You do not have to post your in class status/ranking to participate. Your data can be kept private and participation will always be optional but you'll need a tracking device to keep accurate Heart Rate Data like calories burned in the AOK! APP!

Save $15

AOK! is a Group Fitness Studio 

specializing in all types of GroupX Classes, Group Cycling, Barre, Zumba, POUND,Suspension Training, both TRX & KO8  plus Flow YOGA & Buti Yoga both for Fitness & Practice.

Our Team includes 25 instructors & trainers!