AOK! is a Group Fitness Studio 

specializing in all types of GroupX Classes, Group Cycling, Barre, Zumba, POUND,Suspension Training, both TRX & KO8  plus Flow YOGA & Buti Yoga both for Fitness & Practice.

Our Team includes 25 instructors & trainers!

Our community welcomes all fitness levels, teaches modifications & encourages cross-training for results!

9000 sq. feet & 4 studios to  accommodate our members...

 there's always a spot for you!





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Group Fitness/Cycling Pricing Options

All your favorite Cardio & Strength Classes

Monthly Unlimited Access 75 (no contract)
6 Months of Unlimited Access to GPX 375
Drop-in per class 15

Single Category Class Options

for Unlimited Access to GPX/GC classes
Auto-Fit 12 (EFT Required for 12 months)

Auto-Fit 24 (EFT Required for 24 months)

Ultimate Unlimited Access Packages
GPX & Cycling Classes are included in all of our Ultimate Unlimited Pricing Packages with Unlimited Access to everything AOK! has to offer. Click below for more info & pricing.

Group Fitness + Cycling

aka Spinning at AOK! Fitness

Current Classes offered in our main category

of classes included with 60 plus per week!

Cardioboxing - High energy, fast paced turbo kickboxing combos.

Step - It's a classic with modern instruction

Tabata Bootcamp 20/10 Training method for a metabolic boost!

HIIT/HIRT Training - Cardio & Strength applied to Tabata Training protocols.

R.I.P.P.E.D.- Resistance. Intervals. Power. Plyo. Endurance with Diet offered online.60 or 45 minute class

RUMBLE - includes MMA Kickboxing Moves and Rumble Stix!

LIFTX - Strength Conditioning Sessions with a Personal Training Feel. Focus on Upper|Lower|Back & Booty|Head2Toe|Loaded  & Core Stacked Maxxnmethods for great results. Requires reservation.

The Accumulator - an AOK! exclusive that builds in & accumulates reps in both cardio plyo & strength through 10 intense rounds!

Bosu, Ball & Board Circuit - Class will utilize stations that include Bosu, Medicine & Stability Balls as well as Coreboards to fire up your heart rate & slam calories!

PowerBall - It's not the Lottery but everyone's a winner using this medicine ball to amp up your calorie burning potential!

​​WEIGHTED INTENSITY - ROUNDS of 1 min Intensity between LIFT

Reps. AOK! Favorite!

Group Cycling aka Spinning

with AOK!'s Rules of the Road

Class types include:

RIDE 45 or 30 minutes in length

New!! Rythmn, Rock & Ride 45min

Tabata Cycling based on Tabata Training Protocol 20/10

Tabata Endurance Cycle 45 minute Ride intervals.

Cycling & Core includes off bike core conditioning.

Ride-n-Rep will be half Riding and the other have lifting.

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